The (not so) secret rise of Melbourne as Australia’s tech capital, according to a Silicon Valley Insider

Inside Melbourne’s high-rise towers, small offices, and co-working spaces, and behind historic building facades, a digital revolution is taking place. Over the past few years, the city’s burgeoning technology industry has placed the city well and truly on the map as a...

Organic Growth Is A Mugs Game: Accelerate Your Growth Now (2018)

So, what’s “Organic Growth”; Organic growth is the gradual growth in a company’s revenue through the slow and steady acquisition of new customers with a limited budget. This slow and steady approach is...

What Is Capital Raise Dilution v Founder Equity (2018) ?

  Capital raise dilution and founder equity is commonly misunderstood, getting it wrong can kill investment, restrict your growth and get you kicked out of your own company. It's where you as a...

Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet

Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet June 6, 2018 By Katie Abouzahr, Frances Brooks Taplett, Matt Krentz & John Harthorne. The gender pay gap is well documented: women make about 80 cents for every dollar that a man earns. Less well known: the gender...

Capital Raising For Startups Masterclass

It's been a long time in the making… and well my dog ate the script but its finally here. A distillation of my startup and capital raising experiences into an online Capital Raising For Startups Video Masterclass for early phase startups. Unfortunately fresh...

Google is sharing its management tools with the world

Speaking at his alma mater in January, Sundar Pichai, Google’s low-profile CEO, revealed his key to effective management: “Let others succeed.” Enacting Pichai’s advice is easier said than done. But Google is sharing some tools that might help. Its Re:Work blog is...

Starting WeChat: How To Get The First 500 Followers

When launching a social campaign on any platform, the toughest part can be getting the ball rolling. Once you have followers, it gets easier-and-easier to spread the word by expanding on your existing network. Read the full version from the author's website.

This is The World’s Most Underrated Secret to Extraordinary Success

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” — Roy T. Bennett The human mind can achieve only what is expected of it.Read the full...

9 Signs Your Workplace Is Emotionally Unintelligent (and What to Do About It)

CREDIT: Getty Images Photo by: Getty Images Here's a troubling trend. Other than fidget spinners, I mean. Research among people recently leaving corporate life indicates a surprising thread. Guess what strength is most common among the newly departed? High EQ...

Google is funding the creation of software that writes local news stories

Google’s Digital News Initiative has committed £622,000 ($805,000) to fund an automated news writing initiative for U.K.-based news agency, The Press Association. The money will help pay for the creation of Radar (Reporters And Data And Robots), snappily named...
How to Tell If You’re a Great Manager

How to Tell If You’re a Great Manager

I’ve been reading Fred Kofman’s book, Conscious Business. Written in 2006, the book summarizes Kofman’s experiences as a management consultant to some of the great leaders in technology and other industries. In the book, Kofman lists 12 questions Gallup used to...

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The AI revolution in science

The AI revolution in science

This is an awesome overview of AI and related terms and technologies by Tim Appenzeller, www.sciencemag.org Just what do people mean by artificial intelligence (AI)? The term has never had clear boundaries. When it was introduced in 1956, it was taken broadly to mean...

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