Detailed 4 Year Financial and Budget Model


Work smarter not harder & start with a model instead of a blank spreadsheet.
Most entrepreneurs suck at accounting, its good thing you don’t need a CFO to pickup and use this model. You’ll save hundreds of hours, and have a solid basis for your financial modeling and budgeting”

Detailed 4 Year Financial and Budget Model

To successfully raise capital you need knowledge, tools and a solid approach.

Preparation Is The Key To Success

Planning your full financials will determine your success or failure.

The detailed 4 year financial model includes full financials, pricing, sales, revenue, human resource costs, baseline business costs, other income and sales performance so your can test your thinking.

Many years of refinement and my real world experience makes this spreadsheet easy to use and an invaluable tool in determining your 4 year financials in a very detailed model you can then transplant into your investor presentation or IM.

This is an accounting level CFO document suitable for inclusion in a full information memorandum. This spreadsheet has embedded within it the Pricing Revenue and Sales Model spreadsheet.

You need medium level Microsoft excel skills to get the most value from this spreadsheet.

Hours You Will Save

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