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“Brad is one of those rare people who have the ability to turn to gold everything he touches”

– Emilia Borner CEO

Hi there… I’m Brad and I help entrepreneurs launch and scale businesses with strategic capital raising and growth.

I founded my first tech startup in 1991… So I’ve been at this for a while.

In 2018 I started publishing startup videos then moved onto making the startup tools (what I use every time) and now startup courses that rapidly accelerate success using everything that I’ve learned in the 20+ years I’ve been a serial entrepreneur founding startups.

You can get the full story about my 20+ year adventure from 9-5 slave to entrepreneur and startup founder through my startup story.

But before you move on, a warning…..

There are a multitude of armchair experts out there sprouting garbage and disinformation on startups and raising capital, most have never founded and exited their own successful companies.

My resources are developed from personal experience, not hear-say from fake goo-roos.

They cut through the bullshit and only focus on what works now.


"We are a successful global startup thanks to Brads awesome advice, his tools and techniques are amazing."


Steve Fitzjohn
CEO – Lyfshort

"One of those rare people that have the ability to turn to gold everything they touch."

Emilia Borner
CEO – Born & Borner

"An amazing course and some tough love that every founder needs to know and follow."


Ernest Stabek
CEO – SIP Management

startup founder & serial entrepreneur

Meet Brad

Brad is the creator of his own multi-million dollar international tech startups and instrumental in many others that are now billion dollar success stories like who went from startup to market leader in 1 year.

He’s also the creator of the Capital Raising For Startups Masterclass, the only startup course for founders and entrepreneurs developed to systematically enhance your growth from startup to exit supported by strategic capital raising.

He’s one of the most sought-after startup strategists on the planet.

Startup Tools

Capital Raise Dilution & Value Calculator - FREE

When I started my first company I knew nothing about capital raise dilution and the massive impact it would have on owning and exiting my company.

This is what I learnt and how you can plan for it.

Resource Type: Spreadsheet & Video Lesson

Grow your startup and raise capital now

because you’re journey to success can be massively improved

Startup Videos

What Is Capital Raise Dilution vs Founder Equity

Capital raise dilution and founder equity is commonly misunderstood, getting it wrong can kill investment, restrict your growth and get you kicked out of your own company. It’s where you as a founder…

Vulture Capital: What Is It And Why To Avoid It

In this video I explain why you should avoid Venture Capital, which the industry commonly refers to it as “Vulture Capital”.

Raising Capital How Long Does It Take

In this video I explain how long it takes to raise capital and what you need to prepare in advance.

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