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Dear Entrepreneur,

RE: Guiding Startups to Success

Firstly, thanks for checking in, I hope your having an awesome day.

So your thinking of founding a startup or grow your business, maybe your already well into it. So you probably understand, to building a successful startup you have to be fully committed, backed by a mindset of persistence and continually learning.

But as much as people like to sell the easy path there are no magic bullets, no 10X solutions.
Its hard work, the risks are high and you will make mistakes – a lot of them. Mistakes are okay, even necessary to learn and adapt.

But what if if you could avoid the worst mistakes? Avoid the decision that could destroy your company? You would right !

But its tough to find real experts, experienced founders that have raised capital, built and exited a startup, done the hard work and stepped over those company killing mistakes.

You don’t need a big title executive or a big name consulting firm, you need real experience, someone that’s had a lifetime of building successful companies by making those mistake you want to avoid.

I’m that person, I’ve had my share of fails but come out on top with real success. And I’m damn good at it, taking startups and companies through all phases from innovative product idea to international success.

If your seeking a smarter path to success, reach out to me, attend one of my events or checkout my start up resources. And if your just browsing checkout my YouTube videos there’s some gems in there.

Good luck with your venture!

Kind Regards

Bradley Birchall


P.S.  When I founded my first startup this is what I learnt… 
 My Story.

Advisory Board & Director

I advise companies as an Advisory Board Member or Director with real world experience focused on growth to exit.

Building a board/ advisory board is critical to the success of your business, Its why 76% of an investor decision is based on your team.

Founder Development & Mentoring

I lead founders safely through the startup jungle, stepping around pitfalls and improving personal development with smart strategies that protect their interests from aggressive stakeholders to ensure they remain in the company, grow revenue and exit with the highest possible value.

Business Growth

I provide strategic and operations advice and training to companies, founders & executives with startup proven approaches to business success and innovation.

Successful business growth is dependant on planning, preparation, execution and rapid adaption to market change.



One of those rare people who have the ability to turn to gold everything they touch.

– Emilia Borner

International Entrepreneur

Bradley Birchall

I launched over 10 successful startups, raised tens of millions of dollars and am an expert in rapidly growing tech start-ups from zero to international hero. A standout achievement was www.Seek.com an $8+ Billion company, where Brad developed the entire cloud solution seeing the company go from zero to market leader within 12 months and global IPO hero in under 3 years! 

But do you know what I really love doing…

Guiding entrepreneurs to success

Startups Founded

Countries Entered

Value of Companies Assisted

Upcoming Webinars & Live Streams


Inside Secrets in Raising up to $ 1 Million in Startup Capital - WEBINAR

What you’ll learn in this 45 min event …

  • My investor presentation & slides I’ve used to raise $10M+
  • The lessons I’ve learnt pitching at 100’s of investor events
  • The preparation and tools required for success
  • The answers that will kill your capital raise
  • Common Investor questions and why
  • ​​​​What I look for as an investor​​​


Capital Raising
For Startups

Online Video Course

To successfully raise your first Million $$$ you need knowledge, tools and a solid approach, this online video course will provide you with the tools you require to prepare the documents, find investors and pitch like a Pro.

Accelerate your startup, save months of work and raise your first $1 Million.


Pricing, Sales & Revenue Model

Resources and Documents

Estimating your your product pricing and sales performance is critical for your determining when to raise capital and how much to raise. The Pricing, Sales and Revenue Model Spreadsheet is designed to allow rapid updating of your product price points, other income and sales performance so your can test your thinking.

Free Videos

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Vulture Capital: What Is It And Why To Avoid It (2018)

In this video I explain why you should avoid Venture Capital, which the industry commonly refers to it as “Vulture Capital”.

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In this video I explain how long it takes to raise capital and what you need to prepare in advance.

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