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I use these startup tools in every business I have founded and all of my capital raising customers. ?
They will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars. They are included in all relevant courses.

If you do not have something similar you are already missing a vital tool, this will at best
limit your success, and at worst blow up your rocket before it leaves the launchpad.


Capital Raise Dilution & Value Calculator - FREE

When I started my first company I knew nothing about capital raise dilution and the massive impact it would have on owning and exiting my company.

This is what I learnt and how you can plan for it.

Resource Type: Spreadsheet & Video Lesson

3 Shocking Mistakes That Will Kill Your Capital Raise Stone Cold DEAD!

And what you must IMMEDIATLEY do to stop losing investment. 

– Finally find out what’s killing your capital raise
– Identify nasty deficiencies & shocking mistakes
– Save countless months of investor rejections

Resource Type: Guide

Pricing, Sales & Revenue Model

Estimating your your product pricing and sales performance is critical for your determining when to raise capital and how much to raise. But lets face it entrepreneurs dislike accounting.

The Pricing, Sales and Revenue Model Spreadsheet is designed to allow rapid updating of your product price points, other income and sales performance so your can test your thinking.

Resource Type: Spreadsheet

Financial and Budget Model

Planning detailed financials will determine your success or failure.

The detailed 4 year financial model includes full financials, pricing sales and revenue model, detailed sales, detailed revenue, human resource costs, baseline business costs and sales performance metrics so your can test your thinking.

Many years of refinement and my real world experience makes this spreadsheet easy to use and an invaluable tool in determining your 4 year financials in a very detailed model that you can then transplant into your investor presentation or IM.

Resource Type: Spreadsheet

Pitch Review & Coaching

Determine your optimum product price points and sales performance with an instant view of how this impacts your revenue forecasts.

Resource Type: Online Review & Video Coaching

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Finally, if you would like to know how my startup journey began and what it takes to succeed
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P.S. Check back from time to time as I regularly updated and add more tools.

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