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Capital Raising

For Startups

Online Video Course

In this course Bradley will provide you with the preparation documents, tools and training required to understand the best types of investment capital, prepare your investor pitch deck, answer all the tough investor questions, find investors and pitch like a pro to raise your first $1 Million.

Through many years of experience Bradley has launched and worked with many successful startups, raised tens of millions of dollars and rapidly grown tech start-ups from zero to international hero.

He knows the Inside Secrets, and he’s an investor!

He’ll help you understand how investors think, accelerate your startup, save months of work and be successful!

You’ll learn…

  • The inside secrets on what investors want and hate
  • Investor pitch deck slide-by-slide all key questions
  • The preparation tools and how to use them
  • The best types of startup capital and why
  • Where and how to find investors

     The tools you’ll get and use…

    • 12 slide investor pitch deck with 60 of my favourites slides
    • 500+ Animated awesome graphics PowerPoint templates
    • Price and revenue model spreadsheet
    • Detailed financial forecast and budget spreadsheet
    • Capital raise investor tracking spreadsheet

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