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Capital Raising

For Startups


Online Video Course

This online video course will provide you with the documents, tools, training and preparation you require to find investors, pitch like a pro and raise your first $1 Million. 

I know the inside secrets !

Because I’ve launched 10+ successful startups, raised tens of millions, rapidly grown tech start-ups from zero to international hero, and am an investor myself.

Accelerate your startup, save months of work and be successful, start now!

You’ll learn…

  • The inside secrets on what investors want and hate
  • Investor pitch deck slide-by-slide all key questions
  • The preparation tools and how to use them
  • The best types of startup capital and why
  • Where and how to find investors

The tools you’ll get and use…

  • 12 slide investor pitch deck with 60 of my favourites slides
  • 500+ Animated awesome graphics PowerPoint templates
  • Price and revenue model spreadsheet
  • Detailed financial forecast and budget spreadsheet
  • Capital raise investor tracking spreadsheet


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