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Capital Raising for Startups


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Accelerate your startup, work smarter and save months of effort with my preparation documents, investors presentation and inside secrets on raising your first $1M in capital.

Save Months of Work

Capital Raising For Startups Masterclass

This course will provide you will the tools, knowledge and instruction to pitch like a Pro and raise your first $1,000,000 in capital. You will save at least 3 months of preparation time, secure more investors faster and be fully prepared to answer all of those tough investor questions. I’ll even check your progress and give you specific advice for your company in our 3 one-on-one calls. You wont find a course like this anywhere else!

Documents Included:

Preparation is critical to the success of not only your capital raise but the planning of your companies growth. I have refined and used the following documents in every startup I have founded and advised in how to raise millions of dollars, and they will save you months of work!

1. Investor Presentation – Brads 60 Favourite Animated Slides
2. 12 Slide Investor Presentation – Slides and Questions
3. Price Sales and Revenue Model Spreadsheet
4. Detailed 4 year Financial Forecast Spreadsheet
5. 500+ Animated awesome graphics PowerPoint Templates
6. Investor Tracking Spreadsheet

Video 1: The Best Types of Startup Capital

Its important to understand the best types of capital for your first $1 Million of equity and why you need to avoid certain types of capital across the following equity sources. – Bootstrapping / Family And Friends – Angel Investors – Private Equity – Vulture Capital (VC) – Crowdfunding

Video 2: Preparation and Documents

In this module we will cover the importance of solid preparation, what each document is for and specifically what you need to consider when updating your preparation documents. I’ll give you step-by-step instructions on what to update in the spreadsheet and how it relates to what investors need to know. Getting your preparation right is critical to the success of your capital raise and will increase your likelihood of success.

The following documents are provided in this module:

Pricing, Sales and Revenue Model Spreadsheet Input your assumptions and instantly determine your optimum product price points against sales performance with an instant view of how this impacts your revenue forecasts in a beautiful chart view. Estimating your your product pricing and sales performance is critical for your determining when to raise capital and how much to raise. The Pricing, Sales and Revenue Model Spreadsheet is designed to allow rapid updating of your product price points, other income and sales performance so your can test your thinking. Many years of refinement and my real world experience makes this spreadsheet easy to use and an invaluable tool in determining your optimum product price points against sales performance with a view of how this impacts your revenue forecasts in a beautiful chart view.

Detailed Financial Forecast Spreadsheet A very detailed spreadsheet incorporating the price sales and revenue model, full 4 year budgets and a stunning revenue summary chart that updates instantly on any changes to your price model, sales team performance and amounts of capital raised.  This spreadsheet is exactly what you would engage a CFO to put together and is of Information Memorandum level quality.

Investor Tracking Spreadsheet This spreadsheet will enable you to track all the important information you need to collect about potential investors and is a great approach if you can’t afford to waste time and money on a full Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).

Video 3: Investor Presentation Slides 1-6

First impressions count, and your “Investor Presentation” is your first and last chance to impress an investor. You will learn every investor question for each slide, how to answer each question and the underlying investor motivation behind the sticky questions. 1. Executive Summary 2. The Team 3. The Problem 4. The Solution 5. The Market 6. Business & Revenue Model

Video 4: Investor Presentation Slides 7-12

Detailed business operations and accurate financials show you know your market, your product and exactly how you are going to grow your company to a successful exit using the capital provided. In this module we detail the questions approach and answers in slides 7 – 12 using the preparation documents to support your operations. 7. Sales & Marketing Plan 8. Competitive Landscape 9. Traction & Milestones 10. Financials and Use Of Funds 11. Exit Strategy 12. Investment Offer And How To Apply

Video 5: Where to Find Investors

Investors are a fickle bunch and it takes time and effort to locate and engage with them. I know because I’m a serial entrepreneur and an investor, so I know it from both sides of the fence. In this module we cover where and how to find investors, how to use social media to locate, identify and approach investors and my 2 secret sources of potential local and international investors.

Pitch like a Pro and Raise Capital Now !

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