The (not so) secret rise of Melbourne as Australia’s tech capital, according to a Silicon Valley Insider

Inside Melbourne’s high-rise towers, small offices, and co-working spaces, and behind historic building facades, a digital revolution is taking place. Over the past few years, the city’s burgeoning technology industry has placed the city well and truly on the map as a destination for global innovation, and has earned it the title of Australia’s tech capital.

It is now home to more than half of Australia’s top 20 technology companies. With more than 8,000 technology businesses operating in Victoria, the industry generates $34 billion in revenue each year, employs about 90,000 people, and accounts for approximately 31% of Australia’s entire ICT workforce, according to InvestVic.

Melbourne is a city that produces more IT graduates than any other Australian city, and is ripe with opportunity to nurture, grow and attract global talent, and will continue its rise as a true hub for technology and innovation.

The future of technology in Australia is exciting, and that future is coming from Melbourne.

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